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This website was created to sell food products for private consumption within EU Member States in compliance with distance contracts Italian regulations.

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    • Sales are regulated by the present "General Sales Conditions" and by further procedures specified in two different areas of this website respectively named "Shipping and Delivery" and "Privacy" which must be considered as an integral part of the sale contract. Before sending the order you should read carefully the above-mentioned sales conditions print them or store them in another durable medium accessible to you in accordance with the Articles 3 and 4 of DLgs. No 185/1999 which refers to distance sales.
    • Any change or new conditions you will be notified promptly, will be effective upon posting on the website and will be applied only to sales made after publication.
    • Dispatch of a purchase order constitutes acceptance of the conditions of sale in force at that time.

In case doesn't accept your order, claim of damages, indemnification, direct or indirect damages to people and things, contractual or extra-contractual liability won't be taken into consideration.

  • Customers must be 18 years old or older to order products from the catalogue in.

The order form sent to must be completed in its entirety and must contain the necessary information to verify the customer's identity, the product required and the delivery address on pain of invalidity. will send you by e-mail a confirmation of receipt containing a reference to the general sales conditions apply.

It may happen that for certain quantities in stock of are not sufficient to fulfill all orders on time. In this case the priority will be established on the basis of the chronological arrival of the order (the hour and minute the order is shipped), timely communication will be sent to you about a possible postponement of deliveries for items out of stock. This communication gives you the opportunity to cancel the order and claim a refund of payment. undertakes to promptly inform you about the unavailability of the products ordered.

You reserve right to terminate the contract without penalty and without giving any reason within 10 days from delivery, and only on those products which have not less than 30 days of shelf life, correctly and in good faith, after written notice by e-mail to will provide for the withdrawal without charging you any fees in compliance with procedures and times previously arranged with you, except in the case of expressed renounce of return. The products must be returned to the sender-supplier intact, in unaltered conditions and in their original packaging. Once ensured the conditions above-mentioned, will refund the payment, after having deducted the shipping costs, within 30 days from the communication date.

The right of resolution won't be applied to supplies of personalized products which risk to deteriorate or alter rapidly.

SHIPPING OF GOODS will deliver the requested product or products under the expressed terms that you will find in the section called "Shipping and delivery".

All the sale prices of products indicated on each part of the present website are inclusive of VAT. The applicable prices are those quoted on the website at the moment of your order. The prices of each product are subject to possible changes, in this eventuality the updated prices published on the website will replace the previous ones. You will pay the price of the purchased products and the charges of its delivery at the moment of the online order request. The sales records will be forwarded by at the delivery time. You can pay for the ordered products using the following payment methods:
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In order to obtain the invoice is necessary to indicate: business name, VAT number and tax code if different. Furthermore please express your will to receive the invoice by asking it clearly in the section "Note of the order". In this case you will receive it with the goods.

In our catalogue you will find out a lot of ideas for personal gifts or business ones, prepared with care for a special occasion. Furthermore, it will be possible to send the chosen products directly to the recipient's address of the gift or to a different address.

In compliance with the terms of availability as above-mentioned, guarantees that the delivered products will be equal to those indicated and shown on the website. It is responsibility of to abide by all regulations which governs the preservation of goods until the moment of the delivery to the agreed place.
All the images available on website, are made to facilitate the product recognition. Since all the products are handmade, the packagings may be subject to changes without prior notice. Accordingly as we stated the photos may not comply to the minimal detail of the products. Indeed this is witness for genuineness and naturalness of our production.
The guarantee is valid from the date of the fiscal receipt received with the shipment. You must keep such document during all the guarantee period.


In case of problems regarding purchased products, deliveries or for a simple suggestion don't hesitate to contact us! High-quality and efficient service don't represent only a duty for us and we would like to give you always the best solution in each situation or for any problem. Claims must be sent by e-mail to or by letter with advice of delivery to the following address:
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Any disputes or controversies regarding the application, the execution and the interpretation of the online sale contract are governed by the general conditions listed herein and for everything not expressly established herein will be governed by the laws pertaining to sales set forth in the Italian civil code (article 1470 and following).

Although modern life is frenetic and absorb even our shopping time, we remind you that is first of all a physical place. Therefore we invite you to come and visit us to touch with hand the good quality of our products, discovering that behind each of our products there are true people.